«Can we just go back to our beds and forget this is happening?» Ask one of my students today.
«No» I said. «We have to keep fighting.»
«Today we live a testimony of fear. I’m scare to, but I’m here. I only ask from you to do your best.»


Just BREATHE I said to myself.

If not for you, for them. There first big political experience was this bitter fight of hate speeches and X-fobia, you must support them.


Just BREATHE and take one step at the time.

I’m walking to hell next to the rest of this naive liberal USA that make empty promises of diversity and human rights.


Just BREATHE and look the screen again.

Fox News knew all the time, but the truth was to terrible, to bloody and repulsive for our educated eyes. We prefer the nice mirror of our own imagined America. The mirror is broken now, Trump did it with a fist of 59,618,815 fingers.



Just BREATHE wile you read – ear – smell – imagine the fear, the tears, the sweat, the vomit around the world.

The elected president of this techno Rome is a shameless B movie cowboy star with a diva attitude, to much makeup, a bad relation with the studio and a profound ignorance about the real hard working cow-men and cow-women.


Just BREATHE I repeat and I control my shaky hands.

I survived fire and hunger -like Daenerys Targaryen, but without a handsome lover or cool dragons- and made it this far.

If you read all this depressed nonsense of a feminist Marxist queer black woman… then we can do it together. The Winchester brothers and Mulder be damned! Imagine that We resist, We fight back, We make our own design of a better world in this planet.



Help me dear to cross the Swamp of Sadness with Atreyu and Artax. We can’t lost Artax again!

Repeat BREATHE / Repeat BREATHE /…

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